KAFE Demystifying Testing forum

Parents Stand Together to Reject Governor Cuomo’s Education Reform Debacle

Kingston Action For Education is proud to be standing with NYSAPE and parents across the state to reject Governor Cuomo’s education debacle.

“Governor Cuomo and his controversial education agenda vows to bust public education.  However, we remain in control because Cuomo and his agenda place extreme weight on Common Core tests.  Seven of the eleven flawed education points in Cuomo’s State of the State address rely almost entirely on Common Core tests.  When parents refuse the tests in large numbers, we will stop Cuomo,” said Eric Mihelbergel, Erie County public school parent, founding member of NYSAPE.

Now, as the next round of excessive state testing approaches, it is time to stand together.  NYSAPE has several events and resources for parents to learn more about the flaws in Governor Cuomo’s Agenda and how they can fight back and reclaim classrooms of learning and inquiry for their children.  Now is the time to stand as one and reject, once and for all, classrooms that have become Governor Cuomo’s politically motivated compliance factories for testing. Parents and educators are coming out in droves to make their voices heard against reforms that harm children and denigrate our public schools. The refusal movement is on fire and has been set ablaze throughout the state. Here is how you can do your part. Attend a Forum: Learn More and Take Action!   – Thousands of Parents Stand Together to Reject Governor Cuomo’s Education Reform Debacle

Join us for the Demystifying Testing forum we are hosting with NYSAPE this coming Monday March 16, 2015 6:30pm to learn more about the testing and what you can do to take action!

KAFE Demystifying Testing flyer

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