Refuse the Tests NYSAPE feature

NYSUT supports Test Refusal

New York State United Teachers (NYSUT)  came out with a strong stand against state tests and in support of test refusal for parents as part of their reaction to Governor Cuomo’s education agenda presented in the January 2015 State of the State address.

We at KAFE are happy to see NYSUT taking a stand now and encouraging all local unions to do the same.


Common Core as the entire package needs to go!!!!

Here is a post by NYSUT hi-lighting their statement of January 27, 2015 supporting parents’ right to choose to refuse state tests as well as NYSUT’s support of teachers who speak out about the harmful effects of high-stakes tests.

NYSUT Opt-out message Jan 28 2015

 Parents and teachers share deep concerns about over-testing resulting from the state’s botched implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS). Concerns include: stress on students, appropriateness of tests, erosion of learning time and lack of state transparency on test content. Parents who decide it is not in their children’s best interests to take these assessments are part of an ―Opt-Out‖ movement that is growing nationally and in New York state. NYSUT fully supports parents’ right to choose what is best for their children— including NYSUT members who decide as parents to opt their child out of state tests. In addition, NYSUT encourages members to exercise their rights as professionals to speak out against the harmful effects of high-stakes tests — and will vigorously defend members if a district brings disciplinary charges in that event. Fact Sheet on Opting-Out of State Tests January 27, 2015

NYSUT’s Fact Sheet on Refusing/Opting-Out of State Tests (for grades 3-8) attempts to clear up misinformation by reviewing the federal requirement for participation in the state assessments and potential consequences of test refusal/opting-out for districts, students and teachers.

NYSUT Fact Sheet Opt-Out of State Tests


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