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New York’s diplomas leave too many kids out

This opinion piece says a lot about what is going on with our kids in New York and their diplomas. Many kids who would have gotten a diploma now will be left with a CDOS. That is basically a certificate of attendance, stating that the student took a course of study in a particular field. What it also does do is point out that the student has a disability and that is discriminatory. No community college or employers view this certificate as a credible means for schooling or employment.

By 2022, students will not only have to pass five Regents Exams to graduate, they’ll have to score at least 75 percent on the English exam and 80 percent on the math exam. Get set for graduation rates to fall even further.

And the new Common Core exams are even more difficult, with reading material usually encountered in college, if not graduate school. Fair enough for the university-bound — but our schools are full of fine kids who aren’t.

Not every student wants or needs to attend a four-year liberal arts college to enjoy a successful career or a meaningful life.

Read the article for the details of how regular-ed students who can’t pass the Regents exams and special ed students will both be left with no diploma.

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