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High-Stakes Testing and Test Refusal Update

The following information related to high-stakes testing or standardized testing has been posted recently on the KAFE facebook page and is listed here for easy reference.

This woman is like a breath of fresh air. If only teachers were not so scared of the backlash it would cause.  New NEA leader to nation’s educators:  Revolt, ignore ‘stupid’ reforms

It is our fundamental right as parents to refuse testing for our children if we so desire. No administrator or school district can tell you otherwise. Knowledge is power. Our children need us now more than ever.  NYS Parents Fight to Reclaim Student Education from Excessive Testing and Data Collection:  250,000 High-Stakes Test Boycotts Planned Statewide

Here is the testing schedule for our Kingston elementary school students.

Here is the Kingston middle school testing schedule.

NYSUT challenges gag order on Common Core Tests

If my child refuses state tests, will my school become a LAP (Local Assistance Plan)?

NYSAPE RefuseTheTests

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