Extended Learning Time Grant update – school districts may reject grant for longer days

Out of 700 school districts only 25 applied for the Extended Learning Time grant. Of those 25, 9 were selected. Now, some of those 9 districts that just found out that they “won” the extended learning time grant may reject the grant as they now don’t have enough planning time or cooperation from the community to proceed to begin in September 2014.

Details in article here.

The nine districts were told this month that they would receive the grants, and the state wants them to begin the longer school programs in September. But superintendents in Utica, Auburn, South Seneca and Lackawanna have asked for an additional six months to a year to plan for the extended-day programs. If they don’t get the extra time to plan, they won’t accept the money, they said.

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The Kingston City School District applied for this grant in October 2013 but withdrew the application in March 2014 based on feedback from the Kingston community.  See local details related to the Extended Learning Time Grant here.


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