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Common Core Parental Refusal Act

This is a bill being presented that makes it a LEGAL REQUIREMENT for school districts to notify parents/guardians that they have the LEGAL RIGHT TO REFUSE THE TEST!!!

Right to Refuse law
Contact your rep’s and ask them to sign on and support!!!

March 4, 2015

Jim Tedisco

Today, I filed the Common Core Parental Refusal Act legislation in the Assembly. I should have a bill number in a few days which I will share with you. Thanks to all your continued advocacy, calls, letters, emails, tweets and posts about this legislation to ensure all parents are informed of their rights to have their children refuse to take the Common Core standardized tests in grades 3-8. The bill provides a notification for schools to send to parents informing them of their right to refuse to have their children take the Common Core tests along with a response form that parents can complete and return to the schools. These notices can be sent via email, letter or home with children in their school bags.
The legislation protects school districts and individual schools from having state aid withheld or any other punitive measures by the state. The bill protects teachers from being penalized due to a lack of student participation or performance on the exams. It also ensures that students are not punished or rewarded for their participation or lack thereof in the exams and would set-aside alternate study activities for those who refuse the tests so they are not forced to “sit and stare” in the same room as their peers who are taking the tests.
Thanks to your efforts we have over 30 sponsors in the Assembly. Senator Terrence Murphy and Senator Rich Funke are carrying the bill in the state Senate. Here are a list of Assembly members who are co-sponsoring the Common Core Parental Refusal Act:Will Barclay, Charles Barron, Joe Borrelli, Karl Brabenec, Marc Butler, John D. Ceretto,Cliff Crouch, Assemblyman David DiPietro, Janet Duprey, Christopher Friend, Andrew Garbarino, Andy Goodell, Al Graf, Steve Hawley, Mark Johns, Stephen Katz, Michael Kearns, Kieran Michael Lalor, Peter Lawrence, Pete Lopez, Chad Lupinacci, Nicole Malliotakis, Dave McDonough, Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, Dean Murray, Bill Nojay, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, Edward Ra, Andrew Raia, Claudia Tenney, andRay Walter. If you don’t see your legislator on this list, please contact them and ask them to sign on and I will gladly sign them up. Thanks!

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