CDOS is NOT a diploma!

Parents, would you want your child to complete their academic “career” with only this?


It’s not a diploma.  It’s not a license.

It’s a piece of paper that says your child attended school but for whatever reason was not able to graduate.

What it also says is YOUR CHILD IS A DISABLED CHILD!

This violates their privacy rights.  This violates their medical information.

It’s difficult enough for folks with GED’s to get a more than minimum wage job or entry into community college or the military. What will this really do?  Community colleges have already stated it’s not a recognized document for acceptance/matriculation. So what’s then point?

This document explains the new certificates available to special Ed students.  The CDOS and SACC are NOT diplomas and in our opinion are a violation of FERPA, basically telling employers that this person has a disability.

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