Join KAFE in the 2014 Children’s Day Parade – July 11, 2014

Join Kingston Action For Education in the 2014 Children’s Day Parade on Friday July 11, 2014!

We will be celebrating our children as well as letting parents and community members know about upcoming KAFE events. Please let us know if you and your children can march with us in the parade. We will be ordering KAFE t-shirts (see below for prices) and would love to have marchers sporting a KAFE shirt.

We also would love to have help with designing a Dr. Seuss float for the parade – who would like to get in on the fun?

Order a KAFE t-shirt for $15.00 ($17.00 for sizes 2X and 3X) by Monday June 30, 2014. Make arrangements to get payment (cash) to KAFE co-founders Jolyn, Maria or Tory. Shirts will be available at the Children’s Parade on July 11. You may order a KAFE t-shirt even if you are not able to march in the parade.

UPDATE:  Last call for t-shirt orders extended to Wednesday morning July 2, 2014 9am

The KAFE t-shirts will be maroon with white lettering.  They will have the KAFE logo (pictured on the left below) on the front of the t-shirt (pocket area but of course there isn’t a pocket) and the other words in the picture will be printed on the back of the t-shirt.

 KAFE tshirt design

Proceeds from the t-shirts will be used to cover expenses for the Common Core Forum with Dr. Peg Luksik being hosted by KAFE on Septemer 7, 2014.


Welcome to the Kingston Action For Education website

Welcome to the Kingston Action For Education website.

Kingston Action For Education, or KAFE, was founded on Facebook in March 2014 by three Kingston moms Maria Maritsas, Tory Lowe and Jolyn Safron, who were concerned about educational issues within the Kingston City School District.

In order to allow more parents to become involved in KAFE, we are now expanding beyond Facebook with this website .  We hope that parents will feel empowered in their job as primary educator of their children by the information and resources provided and that they will feel able to take whatever action is needed for their own children and for the betterment of all of the children being educated in Kingston.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at KAFE is presenting factual information to the community and the opportunity to dialog about possible concerns and issues. We are not here to force opinions one way or the other but to make all aware of what may be. If we hear or see something great going on we will absolutely share that as much as topics of concern. We appreciate your continued support and feedback. Thank you!

Please submit any questions to the KAFE administrators using the form below:


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