About KAFE

KAFE Mission Statement:

Kingston Action For Education is a group of parents who are advocating for our children and all the children of the Kingston City School District.  Our goal is to unify and educate parents and caregivers by presenting factual information about the state of our community’s educational system.  When the need arises, KAFE is willing to take the action necessary to reclaim our voice in education.

KAFE Background:

Kingston Action For Education, or KAFE, was founded on Facebook in March 2014 by three Kingston moms Maria Maritsas, Tory Lowe and Jolyn Safron, who were concerned about educational issues within the Kingston City School District.

  Kingston Action For Education

In order to allow more parents to become involved in KAFE and for those who do not use facebook to access KAFE information, the Kingston Action For Education website was introduced in July 2014 – kingstonactionforeducation.org .  We hope that parents will feel empowered in their job as primary educator of their children by the information and resources provided and that they will feel able to take whatever action is needed for their own children and for the betterment of all of the children being educated in Kingston.

Contacting KAFE:

If you have any questions/concerns for the KAFE administrators, complete the contact form below:

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