Common Core Fact Forum with Dr. Peg Luksik in Kingston, New York – video and pictures – Sunday September 7, 2014

The Common Core Fact Forum with Dr. Peg Luksik hosted by Kingston Action For Education on September 7, 2014 was a successful night.  We are very grateful to Dr. Luksik for her time.  What an education and awareness!

Quote of the night “In a war of intellgence, stupid people lose – so get informed!” – Dr. Peg Luksik

We had a great turnout with people from multiple school districts, both local and across the state, in attendance.  We were also pleased to have three members of the Kingston City School District board of education in attendance.  As attendees left many commented about the depth and quantity of information that they had received from Dr. Luksik.

Dr Luksik Kingston Forum2 Dr Luksik Kingston Forum

Many Kingston residents expressed a desire to attend but were unable to do so for a variety of reasons.  Video for the full Common Core Fact Forum is available thanks to the work of Mr. Mert Melfa.  There are also short videos of the opening comments of KAFEco-founders Tory Lowe, Maria Maritsas and Jolyn Safron.

Dr. Luksik suggested a number of things that can be done by those concerned about Common Core:

  • get informed – watch the video of the forum.  Be sure you know the facts.  For even more detailed information, visit
  • get involved politically – VOTE!  “When you walk into the ballot box, you are making a political speech.  it is the only one they MUST listen to.”
  • “The worst thing you can do is nothing.  the best thing you can do is something!”
  • Stay involved with other parents – Kingston Action For Education (KAFE) is a group of parents who are advocating for their children and all the children of this school district.  Their goal is to unify and educate parents and caregivers presenting factual information about the state of their community’s educational system.  When the need arises, KAFE is willing to take the action necessary to reclaim their voice in education.  Find Kingston Action For Education on facebook or at
  • Q&A – When writing a letter to the editor, pick ‘the one thing that floats your boat’, a personal story or something you feel strongly about.  Pick one issue.  Quote real information/facts.  Keep the letter under 300 words; one issue and hit it three times in the same letter.

High-Stakes Testing and Test Refusal Update

The following information related to high-stakes testing or standardized testing has been posted recently on the KAFE facebook page and is listed here for easy reference.

This woman is like a breath of fresh air. If only teachers were not so scared of the backlash it would cause.  New NEA leader to nation’s educators:  Revolt, ignore ‘stupid’ reforms

It is our fundamental right as parents to refuse testing for our children if we so desire. No administrator or school district can tell you otherwise. Knowledge is power. Our children need us now more than ever.  NYS Parents Fight to Reclaim Student Education from Excessive Testing and Data Collection:  250,000 High-Stakes Test Boycotts Planned Statewide

Here is the testing schedule for our Kingston elementary school students.

Here is the Kingston middle school testing schedule.

NYSUT challenges gag order on Common Core Tests

If my child refuses state tests, will my school become a LAP (Local Assistance Plan)?

NYSAPE RefuseTheTests

Smart Schools Bond Act

Vote No!
Why? Because it just doesn’t make sense!!!

Photo: Vote No!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Why? Because it just doesn't make sense!!!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />


Before we vote for $2 billion proposed bond for technology in November, we should all take a look at how well it worked out in Hoboken – click here - hint: the article is titled ‘Why Hoboken is throwing away all of its student laptops’.

Click here to read additional information posted at Jolyn’s Education Corner related to the Smart Schools Bond Act including the actual text as it will appear on the November 4, 2014 ballot and several articles/videos giving pros and cons.